User Templates Overview

User templates is an administrative tool that lets you assign customized app and administration settings to different groups of users.

When would you need User Templates?

The settings section of the management console is used to assign app settings by device platform (Android, iOS...etc). If you have Android users, and you edit the management console default settings for Android users, the same settings are assigned to all Android users in your network.

With User Templates, you’re able to assign different settings to users even if they’re on the same device platform.

For example, if you have two groups of Android users using two different types of phones, one of the phones may have a softer playback volume. You can create a user template that can assign a louder playback amplification from the management console, without users having to worry about changing these settings themselves. 

How it works

To create a Template, log into your management console with the admin account and choose Templates from the menu. Only admins and non-tagged sub-admins can create Templates. 

Templates will allow you customize:

  • Web console access
  • Cloud history availability
  • Location tracking availability
  • App settings 

App settings within templates are going to match existing global console settings upon creation. App settings changed within templates are highlighted blue if they override global settings. Any settings that are not changed within the template, will match global settings they are updated. 

This means you can keep using global settings, and change only one app setting for a group of users without having to worry about maintaining all other settings you don't want to customize. 


How to assign templates

You can do this in a couple of ways:

1. Add users to a template from the template details page. 

2. From the user's list, select some users and click Add template. 

Users can only be assigned to one template. If you add a user to a second template, new settings will be assigned to this user.

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