Emergency Alert Overview

The Emergency Alert feature is meant to be used during emergency situations by users in distress. In an emergency, users can press a button to alert a group of people of their situation. All ZelloWork contacts have this button available on each talk screen, and emergency calls will be managed from the designated emergency channel.

Android users must have version 4.25 or greater, and iOS users must have version 4.28 or greater installed in order to access the emergency call feature. Windows PC users will still receive a call alert with emergency information including the user’s location, but won’t be able to initiate an emergency call at this time.

When the emergency mode is triggered:

  • The channel will automatically record 10 seconds of uninterrupted audio for the user who presses the emergency button.
  • The location of the user who pressed the Emergency button will automatically be shared with the Emergency channel.
  • All other messages sent to anyone placed in Emergency mode will be marked as missed and placed in History.
  • Only the user who initiated the Emergency mode may end the Emergency mode.
  • Other users who may also find themselves in distress can initiate Emergency mode via a different channel or Ad-hoc channel and will be transferred into the Emergency channel.

Check out this article for details on how to send an Emergency Alert: Initiating an Emergency Alert

Check out this article on how to set up an emergency channel with user roles so that only a response team within the channel is alerted: Setting up an Emergency channel with user roles

This feature is not automatically enabled. ZelloWork administrators must enable this feature from the management console.

To enable emergency calls on the console:

  1. Log in to your management console as the admin user
  2. Go to Settings > Common > Emergency button
  3. Turn on Assign Emergency button to > Select designated channel > Save and apply


Please note that Location services must be enabled on devices in order for a user’s location to be sent and shared within the channel.

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