Managing your Status

ZelloWork lets you modify your status, which everyone can see. Your status dictates how you can be contacted and what happens to messages sent to you.


Access the Status Menu by going to the Zello menu>Status

StatusMenu_Android.png IMG_BD2EE0093FC8-1.jpeg

Available: You are online and inbound messages play in real-time.

Solo: Make a single channel or contact your focus so that their messages play in real-time. Messages from other channels or contacts will go to the Recents/History for playback at a later time.

Busy: You are not available and messages are saved in your History for later playback. Place yourself in Busy mode when you are headed to a meeting, or when you shouldn't be interrupted by live messages.

Offline: Disconnect from Zello completely. ZelloWork will display your status to others as Standby.

Set Status Message: Enter your own, customizable, message that will display alongside your selected Status. If you place yourself in Busy, you could add "In a meeting", for example. 



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