How to enable or disable user profile pictures

Administrators can now enable user profile pictures to display on the management console and users' Channel, Contact, History, and Recents screens. The feature is free of charge to use.

This feature is automatically enabled for users of ZelloWork with v4.56+ of the Android and iOS apps. ZelloWork networks with versions prior to v4.56 can enable this feature from the Admin management console. 

Admins can remove, but not create profile pictures. Only users can add or edit their picture from their devices.

How to enable or disable the profile picture feature

From the management console:

  1. Select Settings from the taskbar
  2. Select Common located at bottom of the right sidebar
  3. In the General section, turn on or off Allow profile images to be assigned and displayed
  4. Tap Save and Apply at upper right.

How users can add and edit their profile picture

Users can add or edit their own profile picture. However, they cannot change the display name or other information.

Android users:

  1. Tap open the Zello menu (3 vertical dots) at upper right 
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Profile 
  4. Tap the camera icon and take a picture or select one from your gallery. 

The new profile picture is displayed: 


iOS users: 

  1. Go to the Zello main menu 
  2. Tap Edit profile next to the default avatar located at the upper left
  3. Tap the camera icon and take a picture or select one from your library
  4. Tap Save on the next screen
  5. The new picture will display as the new avatar on the main menu:


How to view all profile pictures

Once profiles pictures are enabled for the network, they will appear in the Users tab list. New profile pictures uploaded by users may not display immediately, and may require a page refresh to display.

Admins can see and remove profile pictures but cannot edit them. Only users can edit their own picture. 


How to remove a profile picture

  1. Select Users from the taskbar
  2. Select the name of the user 
  3. On the user's details page, select Clear profile picture at upper right.


Removing a user's picture will not automatically remove the picture from the user's own device. However, other users will no longer see the profile picture in their lists or history. 

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