Texting with the Zello Work Windows PC app

Beginning with Zello Work for Windows PC v2.48, users can now text other Zello contacts from their Contacts list. Contacts can be on any platform supported by Zello - Android, iOS, or Windows PC. 

Texting your contacts 

  1. On your Contacts screen, select the contact you want to text. In this example, Zellouser888 has selected texaskitty
  2. text_screen0__1_.JPG
  3. Right click and select Send text message...
  4. Type your message in the text box at the bottom. 
  5. When finished, select Send at the bottom right. The sent text is displayed above the text box 
  6. text_screen.JPG
  7. The contact (texaskitty) will receive an audio alert, see the text, and can reply back. 
  8. Image-1__49_.jpg

Accessing conversations with contacts and channels

To access the conversation screen for a specific contact or channel:

  1. Select View from the taskbar
  2. Select Show conversations
  3. The Conversations window will display tabs for all conversations. Select a tab to text, send a call alert or image to that contact or channel. The following shows two contact tabs, one for texaskitty and another for texasranger2
  4. showconversationwindow.JPG

Deleting text, audio, and images from history

You can delete one, multiple, or all messages from the History screen:

  1. Select View from the taskbar
  2. Select History to display all messages, texts, and images
  3. historyscreen.JPG
  4. Right click on a text message or use the Shift key+right click to select multiple messages for deletion and then select Delete selected. Select Delete all to delete all History. 

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