Adding users by cloning an existing user record

If your company has many users which require similar configuration (i.e the same set of channels, channel roles, or direct contacts), you can use the Clone User feature to quickly add new users to the network without repeating the configuration every time. 

There are two ways to clone users:

  • To add just one or a few new users, use Clone User from a User's details screen
  • To add many users at once, use Import Users feature 

Cloning only copies the original record in its current state and does not maintain any association with the original record. Subsequently, any changes or deletions made to the original record are not made to records cloned from the original record.

Cloning from a User's details screen: 

To create a new user by cloning an existing user's record:

  1. From the Admin Management Console, navigate to Users
  2. Select the user record to clone. In the following example, the username "johnlennon" is being cloned for a new user
  3. Screen_Shot_2019-07-18_at_8.55.55_AM.png
  4. Click the Clone button at the upper right. The Clone User popup displays. Type in the new username (for this example it's "johnlennon 1"). Enter a new password or leave blank to use the existing password on the original record. Click Clone to create the new record.
  5. Screen_Shot_2019-07-18_at_8.56.26_AM.png
  6. The new user record will be displayed, where you can further customize it. 

Cloning with the Import Users feature:

If you have a large number of users to add to a network, cloning them from existing usernames will make the process easier, faster, and less prone to errors. Use the Import Users feature with a clone_from column to specify what user record to use as a source when adding users from a .csv file.

To clone users with the Import Users feature:

  1. From the Admin Management Console, navigate to Users 
  2. Click the Import Users button at the upper right
  3. Create a .csv file to use for importing users into the network. At a minimum, be sure your .csv file includes columns for username and clone_from. You can add other columns such as email and full_name to override the values in the original record if needed 
  4. Use the clone_from column to indicate an existing username to clone when adding new users. In the following example, a new user named "admin2" will be cloned from the "admin" user record. Since there are no override values entered for "admin2", the column values for "admin2" will be identical to "admin", including the password, email, full_name, job_title, etc.
  5. Screen_Shot_2019-07-18_at_8.57.13_AM.png
  6. When your .csv file is ready, select Choose a file and select the name of your .csv file to begin the import.  

NOTE: If any username entered in the clone_from column is invalid or does not exist, the import will fail. 



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