Adding and editing display names on shared devices

Users can now create their own display name (i.e. alias) to use instead of the username assigned by the Network Admin. The display name will be seen on Contact lists and User lists of channels they are members of. 

This feature is useful to identify employees when shared devices are being used. For example, if a hotel uses the same set of devices for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift workers, the display name can be edited whenever a new employee starts his shift. 

NOTE: In order for this feature to be enabled, the Admin must leave the Display Name field blank in the Management Console User Details screen as shown below.


Adding or editing the display name on a user's device 

These steps apply to both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) devices: 

  1. Open the username's account profile on the device 
  2. Enter the desired display name in the Name field. The following example shows the display name of "Mark Martinez" being entered on an Android device. The username (user2) is always displayed at the top of the account profile. 
  3. Screenshot_20190724-214853.png    
  4. When done, tap SAVE
  5. The name "Mark Martinez" will now display instead of the username (user2) in the Contacts and  channel Users list
  6. Screenshot_20190724-220002.png

The display name can be edited at any time, by multiple users, as long as the Admin has not entered a display name on the Management Console. If the Admin enters a display name, that name will override any entries made by users. 

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