Setting up the Honeywell Dolphin CT60 for PTT

You can use Zello for push-to-talk (PTT) communications on the Dolphin CT60. Instead of using the touchscreen talk button, you can remap the scanner buttons on either side as a PTT button by following these instructions.

Remap the Scan buttons on the CT60 as PTT buttons


  • You must be running Android 8+ and have Build number 86.00.00-(0659) or above installed on the CT60 before beginning. You can see the current versions of Android and Build installed on your device from the System>Settings>About phone screen.  If needed, upgrade to the latest firmware for the CT60 by using the instructions in this link:
  • Zello should already be installed on the CT60. If needed, install Zello from the Google Play Store before proceeding. 

To remap the buttons:

  1. Swipe the screen from top to bottom to see the Settings gear icon and tap on it. From the Settings screen, select Honeywell Settings
  2. ct60new.png
  3. From the Honeywell Settings screen, select Key Remap
  4. Screenshot_20190821-121918.png
  5. In the Key Remap screen, enter "HEADSETPTT" to reassign the scan buttons on the CT60 as PTT buttons. You can reassign the left, right, or both buttons for PTT
  6. Screenshot_20190821-122526.png
  7. Continue to the next section to map Zello to the PTT buttons on the device.

Map Zello to the newly assigned PTT buttons

  1. Log into your Zello account 
  2. Go to the app menu (3 vertical dots) and select Options
  3. Select Push-to-talk buttons
  4. Tap the Add (+) icon at the bottom right 
  5. Screenshot_20190821-161827.png
  6. When prompted, press the PTT button(s) on the CT60 you want to use as the PTT button(s)
  7. When done, you will see the new button(s) listed as Hardware button. In this example, both scan buttons on the CT60 were re-mapped for PTT, so there are two Hardware buttons listed.
  8. Screenshot_20190821-161811.png
  9. Tap on the button(s) to see additional button options. You can change from "Hold to talk" to "Toggle" mode, adjust action when Zello is running in the background, and assign a contact or channel to the button
  10. Screenshot_20190821-163733__1_.png

NOTE: If you map the CT60 camera button as the PTT button, it will only work when Zello is open and in the foreground.

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