Compatible wired and Bluetooth accessories

Zello does not manufacture or sell bluetooth or wired accessories. We do, however, partner with select accessory manufacturers to ensure compatibility for a variety of devices, including rugged phones, network radios, headsets, speakers, mics, and remote buttons. 

Devices fall into one of the following categories: 

  • Certified – The integration of certified accessories has been tested and confirmed by the Zello team. We are happy to provide technical support for them. Check out this page for a list of certified accessories. 

  • Uncertified – These accessories have not been certified by our team. While they may work with Zello, we can’t guarantee their functionality nor can we provide technical support.
    Uncertified accessories–whether bluetooth or wired–may work under the following conditions:

    • Bluetooth Accessories

      • Accessories with either a hands-free or headset profile that can be used for playback and recording functions. 

      • Some accessories with an audio/visual remote control profile can be mapped to a forward/backward button, and can likely be used for Zello. 

    • Wired Accessories

      • The headset includes a microphone that can be used to record and playback messages. 

      • You’re able to make a phone call on the headset. This includes all Apple headsets, as well as Android-compatible headsets.

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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