What is the Zello Dispatch Hub?

Dispatch Hub was designed to help dispatchers answer driver calls faster to help your company provide better customer service and ensure on-time delivery. It is included for free with your Zello Work subscription.  

The Dispatch Hub introduces three new features:

  1. Dispatch channel
  2. Dispatch App 
  3. Dispatch channel banners for Drivers

Get started with the Zello Dispatch Hub

Dispatch Channel 

This channel automatically creates a dispatch pool, which allows all drivers to easily reach all dispatchers connected to the channel without the other drivers hearing their messages. 

Zello identifies all users signed into the dispatch app as dispatchers, so no roles need to be assigned for dispatchers to be the only ones who receive messages from drivers in this channel. Administrators simply have to add all dispatchers and drivers to a Dispatch channel and download the Dispatch app for their dispatchers. 

You can create multiple dispatch channels for different drivers. For example, if drivers are assigned to different routes or regions, you can create a different channel for each route or region. Dispatchers can be included in any or all dispatch channels. They can disconnect and reconnect to the channels at any time. 

Dispatch app 

A brand new app created to receive all calls sent to Dispatcher channels. 

Pending Queue

All calls are received in the pending list by all dispatchers connected to the channel, an available dispatcher can listen to the message sent and accept the call when they are ready to respond. Zello will show which dispatcher took the call before removing the call from the Pending queue. 

Active Queue

When a dispatcher accepts a call, the call will be removed from the shared pending queue, and added to the Active list. All calls placed under the Active queue are only viewed by the individual dispatcher who answered the call. 

The dispatcher can mark the request completed by closing a call. This helps the dispatchers keep track of which requests have been fully resolved. 

When the same driver speaks again, his call will again go to the pending list, so any dispatcher can handle his brand new request. 

Dispatch Channel Banners for Drivers

Drivers can stay on one screen to contact all dispatchers by speaking to a Dispatch channel. All voices messages will only be heard and received by dispatchers. When dispatchers accept their calls, drivers will be connected to that dispatcher, and the conversation will remain between the driver and that dispatcher until that dispatcher closes the call. Channel banners are available starting in version 4.75 for iOS and Android. 

Zello will show drivers when a call is received, connected to a dispatcher, and completed. 

The advantages of using the Dispatch Hub for drivers are:

  1. Reaching out to all dispatchers with the touch of one button leading to faster response time. 
  2. Staying on the same channel screen at all times, keeping drivers off their devices and safer.
  3. Providing drivers with call statuses.     



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