Dispatch Channel Broadcasts and Alerts

Broadcasts allow dispatchers to communicate a message to multiple users at once. There are two types of broadcasts supported, voice broadcasts and text broadcasts: 

  • Voice broadcast: send a voice broadcast to users currently connected to the channel.
  • Text broadcast: send a text broadcast to selected users of the channel, including those who are offline or disconnected from the channel. Users who are not connected to the channel will receive a push notification containing the text. 

You can choose to either have your dispatchers send broadcasts to other dispatchers or to non-dispatchers via the channel settings. 

Part One: Voice broadcast

1. Make sure your Dispatch Hub app is running version 1.4.0 or newer. 

2. Click the Channels tab.

3. Use the microphone button next to the channel name to send a voice broadcast.


Mobile users will receive the broadcast as a regular voice message:



Part Two: Text alerts

1. Make sure your Dispatch Hub app is running version 1.4.0 or newer.

2. Click the Channels tab.

3. Click on the three dots icon next to the microphone icon. 


4. Click “Send Alert.” 


5. Type your message and click “Send.”


Note: If non-dispatchers reply after receiving the broadcast, their replies will create pending calls in the Dispatch Hub.


Part Three: Choosing who receives broadcasts and alerts

For Dispatchers using the Zello App for iOS or Android, you can control whether their broadcasts go to other Dispatchers or to non-Dispatchers using User Roles.

Note: This feature only works with mobile dispatchers, as it has not yet been built for Dispatch Hub. Alerts and Broadcasts sent from Dispatch Hub will always go to non-dispatchers. 

Dispatchers broadcast to non-dispatchers

This is the default mode when creating a dispatch channel.


Suggested use: for use cases such as shipping and logistics, taxis, or private security firms. 

  • All messages sent by dispatchers go to non-dispatchers
  • Messages from dispatchers take priority over messages from other channels

Dispatchers broadcast to dispatchers

Under Roles in your dispatch channel page, edit the “speaks to” for the  Dispatch role:


Suggested use: for use cases in retail or hospitality.

For example, if dispatchers are often asking each other questions related to current calls but are not in the same room, then speaking to each other over the dispatch channel may be desirable. 

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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