Remove account information from device upon sign out/exit

The Zello app saves the user account information by default to make it easier for users to stay logged in so they don't miss any messages. Unless you sign out from Zello, the app runs in the background and you’ll continue receiving messages and notifications.

When the same device is shared by multiple users, each with their own Zello account, this behavior may be undesirable since it makes sense for users to log into their individual accounts each time they pick up a shared device.  Devices shared between shift workers, each using their individual account to sign in, could result in resulting in an ever-growing list of saved credentials on each of the devices.

Zello maintains a list of all users that have previously logged into the device to make it easier for a single user to access Zello without having to enter their credentials each time. In shared device deployments, you may want a user to enter their credentials each time they pick up a device.

Zello admins can now control the removal of user account information once the user signs out or exits Zello. The Admin Console setting is available under Settings > Android > General > Remove user account info from device on exit


When this setting is turned off, all user credentials are saved on the device.

When this setting is turned on, users will have the following experience:

  • The next person using the same device will have to enter their own account credentials to sign in.
  • The account data will not be saved when the user Exits the app, the app is killed by the user or OS, or the device is rebooted.
  • By default, when starting the app after exit/sign-out, the Zello app will open to the Sign In screen with your Zello network name pre-populated and uneditable. Users can simply enter their username and password to get access.
  • The account will not be removed if the app signed out without user interaction (e.g. due to network connection issue).

Zello 4.91 or newer on Android is required to use this feature.

The setting is currently not supported on iOS.


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