Hardware push-to-talk button behavior customization

Zello is often paired with numerous ruggedized devices that have dedicated hardware PTT and SOS button(s). In most instances, you may need to run other business applications on the device while still maintaining communications with your team.

There are instances where you want the dedicated hardware PTT button to bring Zello to the foreground. This can be useful when you are not sure what contact/channel is selected, therefore by pressing the hardware PTT button, that launches Zello and allows you to select the correct conversation. Alternatively, you may want to keep Zello in the background by speaking with someone on your Default channel so you can stay focused on the task at hand since safety is a big concern for many users.

You can now control the PTT button behavior (i.e. bring Zello to the foreground vs keep it in the background) from the Admin Console.

You'll begin by mapping the hardware button.

Then from the Admin Console, you can visit Settings > Android > General and turn on/off the Bring to the foreground when push-to-talk button is pressed.


Turn this setting on to make Zello move to the foreground and turn the setting off to stay in the background while broadcasting.

Turning on this setting will allow you to quickly tap the hardware PTT button, launch Zello in the foreground, so that you may select the contact/channel you wish to speak with. It's important to note that Zello is brought to the foreground almost instantly with the PTT button press except when you press the Android home key. In that case, it may take up to 5 seconds for Zello to come to the foreground after pressing the home key.

Turning this setting off (i.e. keep Zello in the background), could be especially useful when combined with the Default channel as it would allow your users to talk on Zello without leaving their primary workflow application.

Note: Customizing the PTT button behavior from the Admin Console is currently only available on the Zello Android app and works with Zello version 4.91 and above.

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