Assigning Talk Priority

If your network has a lot of chatter on a channel, you may find that sending a message while someone is speaking to be a difficult task. In some instances, it would be desirable to allow certain users to interrupt other speakers.

Talk priority allows dispatchers, managers, and any other User Role to interrupt other channel users. A role can be assigned one of three priorities (low, normal, high) from the Admin Console’s Channel Settings screen, granting them interruption permissions.


Talk Priority



Interrupts Normal and Low priorities

Normal (default)

Interrupts Low priority


Unable to interrupt


* Existing timeout rules apply when speaking to the same Priority. Emergency messages interrupt all speakers regardless of Talk Priority.


Assigning Talk Priority

  1. Navigate to the desired Channel Settings screen.Screen_Shot_2020-05-18_at_2.33.16_PM.png
  2. Select a Talk Priority when creating or modifying a Role. Priority behaviors are described above. Screen_Shot_2020-05-18_at_2.32.39_PM.png
  3. Assign users to the role, and press “Continue” to save your changes. Screen_Shot_2020-05-18_at_2.33.02_PM.png

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