How to use the Shared Devices function on Android

The ‘Shared devices’ function at Zello allows shift workers to use shared devices at work without sharing private information or conversations with other workers using the same device. Every shift starts with a worker entering their name and taking a selfie. After ending the shift all information and conversations are cleared. During the shift, Zello works as usual.

How to set up a network for 'Shared devices' function (for Admins)

After the network has been configured for the shared device feature, shift workers have to sign in to the shared device account using their regular credentials. The "Start shift" screen will be displayed. This indicates that this device is set up correctly. This screen will be the start screen for all shift workers. 

To start the shift a worker has to enter their name, take a selfie, and press the ‘Start’ button.

Note: if a display name has been added for the Shared User account in the Management Console, this will override the Display name added by the User in this step.


The ‘Emergency’ button on the Start shift screen indicates that the user has an Emergency channel. To initiate an emergency call the user should press and hold the emergency button without entering their name. If sending an emergency alert isn’t needed, press the ‘Cancel’ button.


If the setting ‘Automatically end shift when device is connected to charger’ is enabled, a permission request ‘Display over other apps’ pops up. This permission request is needed to be able to cancel the ‘Automatic shift end’ dialog if your worker wants to stay online.


To allow permission for this click ‘Open settings’ and then turn the permission on. 


If the ‘Automatically end shift when device is connected to charger’ setting is on, after plugging the phone into the charger a countdown will appear. The automatic ending of shift can be stopped by pressing the ‘Cancel’ button.


To end your shift go to the menu and click ‘End shift’


When a co-worker has ended the shift, the message ‘[Worker] ended a shift’ displays in the conversation history.


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