How to set up a network for Shared devices function

The ‘Shared devices’ function at Zello allows shift workers to use shared devices at work without sharing private information or conversations with other workers using the same device. Every shift starts with a worker entering their name and taking a selfie. After ending the shift all information and conversations are cleared. During the shift, Zello works as usual.

How to use the Shared Devices function on Android

How to use the Shared Devices function on iOS

Before assigning users as shift workers, the network has to be set up.

First, an admin must go to the management console: Settings -> Common -> Shared devices, enable the setting 'Enable shared device accounts' for the network and press 'Save and apply'.


The following settings may be beneficial to teams using shared devices:

  • 'Require profile picture to start a shift' allows admins to choose how the shift worker can start the shift: with a required profile picture or without. 
  • ‘Require first and last name to start a shift’ (enabled by default) allows admins to choose how the shift worker can start the shift: with a full name or just a first name. 
  • ‘Automatically end shift when Zello is turned off (Android only)’ setting helps to end the shift when the Zello app is terminated.
  • ‘Automatically end shift when device is connected to charger’ allows admins to automatically finish the shift when shift workers return the device back to the charging station at the end of the shift. They can also cancel the automatic end of a shift. 

After the network has been set up, go to Users settings, and enable the setting 'Shared device account' for each user you want to use as a shift worker. New users and templates for new users can also be created along with the ability to edit existing users and templates.


Please note that the Display Name field on the User profile should be left blank. If you fill in something here, it will override the Display Name set by individual users on the Shared device. 




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