What notifications do you need ‘Display Zello over other Apps’ permission on Android for?

To fully utilize some of Zello's features it is necessary to turn on the "Display Zello over other Apps" permission on your Android device.


Available for Zello Free and Zello Work users

Overlay Button 

Overlay Buttons allow you to create a talk button that lays on top of other apps for any conversation. Learn more about Overlays. 

Show on Incoming message

When using another application, this permission allows the Zello app to come to the foreground when there’s an incoming voice message.


Available for Zello Work users only 

Emergency calls

This permission allows you to receive Emergency Alert when using another application or if Zello is running in the background. Learn more about Emergency Alerts. 

Automatic Shift Cancellation

If your team uses the Shared Devices function, this permission allows your shift workers to see the Shift Cancellation Countdown and cancel it, if necessary. Learn more about Shared Devices.

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