History for Dispatch Hub

With the upgrade to Dispatch Hub 3.0, we are happy to introduce a new feature - History for Dispatch Hub!

How to enable it

Update to the latest version! 

  • Users on versions 1.5.0 and above will be prompted to update. If you choose not now, the app will automatically update the next time you close it.

History Features

When you open Dispatch Hub after updating to 3.0, you will now be greeted with a two-panel view:



However, if you prefer the one-panel view, you can simply re-size the window until the history pane disappears:



Unheard messages will now be marked with a red dot:



When messages are playing live you’ll see:



When messages are coming in live but you are speaking to another user or playing message history, you will see:



  • All messages will now be recorded for an unlimited amount of time for up to 1000 messages.
    • When 1000 messages are reached. The oldest messages will be deleted.
  • When calls are accepted or started, the history opens automatically..
  • If you respond to someone in your active calls, history will not automatically switch. This gives you the opportunity to replay messages for another conversation and reply to other incoming messages as needed.
  • When one message is played, the playback continues for all messages until you stop the message playback
  • On the history screen you will now be able to:
    • Start a call
    • End a call
    • Push to talk
    • Send a call alert to the user

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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