What are New Conversation Notifications?

If as your team has used Zello you have noticed that some team mates seem to not respond to messages on time or that they are missing messages when someone tries to contact them, you may want to try New Conversation Notifications.

What are "New Conversations"?

  • We consider that you have started a "new conversation" when you receive or send a message after 5 minutes of inactivity with that contact (this timeout is configurable from your console settings. More on this later).

What do New Conversation Notifications do?

  • According to our definition of a New Conversation, these notifications sends your users a notification every time someone starts a new conversation with them (rather than on every single message they receive).
  • These include:
    • System notifications that allow you to Respond, Ignore or Replay the message received.

IMG_9035_2.JPG     IMG_9036_2.JPG    

    • Sound and long vibration indicating a New Conversation started.
    • In app visuals for indications of who contacted the user and still needs a response from them.

IMG_9037.JPG.                   IMG_9038.JPG

    • These notifications are dismissed as soon as the user either responds, dismisses the notification or leaves the contact's talk screen.

To get started trying these:

  • From you network administration console if you have admin rights: Go to Settings > Android > Enable new conversation notifications
  • From your Android app: Go to Options > Notifications > Enable new conversation notifications

Other settings you can try to adjust New Conversation Notifications:

  • New conversations timeout: The time that must elapse before considering a new message as one starting a "New Conversation"
  • Sound: Enable or disable it and from the app, choose the best sound that works for you
  • Vibration: Choose the vibration style you want for yourself or for your team


Note: These notifications are only available for 1-1 conversations (not channels) and on Android devices starting on Zello version 4.99.2. 


Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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