How to Migrate to the Universal Zello Android application for SDK customers

Note: This article is an extension of this similar support article.

The following information concerns only customers using the Zello Android SDK.

Before you start the migration, make sure your application integrated with Zello is updated to use at least version 4.101.2 (released on December 3, 2020) of the Zello Android SDK. This SDK release includes automatic detection of the Zello package to use and support for the universal Zello app. To enable support for the automatic package detection remove package name from SDK initialization code:

// Use the initialization code below
// instead of Zello.getInstance().configure("net.loudtalks", this);

Migration steps:

  1. Update your current Zello app package to version 4.106.3 or newer. This is necessary to ensure that the universal app will be able to detect and migrate configuration from the legacy app. If you use net.loudtalks, download the latest version from your Zello Work management console Releases Archive. 
  2. Install the universal Zello app, which is available from Google Play or as a direct APK download The migration is supported beginning with version 4.106.3.
  3. On the first launch of the universal Zello app, the settings and configured accounts will be automatically transferred from a legacy app, which will switch to work as a shortcut to open the universal app. If a legacy app is running at the time when the universal Zello app is installed, the universal app will start automatically.
  4. After confirming successful migration by testing the app, including any accessories, uninstall the legacy Zello package.

Please note that when managing a large number of devices it's always a good idea to perform a test run to migrate a small set of devices before implementing it for the entire fleet.

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