Downloading the Legacy PC Application


This article provides some information and resources with regard to the Legacy PC Zello Application. This application is the predecessor to the Zello Dispatch Hub application. This application will be fully replaced and will no longer receive updates moving forward. For users who are utilizing a radio gateway, the Legacy PC app is currently the only app that supports this feature.



If you are a Zello Work customer: Download the legacy app from your management console by going to Home > Service Status & Updates > Releases Archive > Legacy PC App.


If you are not a Zello Work customer: follow the link here to download the legacy PC application.

Note: This version of the app is not compatible with Zello Work. 


Future Plans

While the legacy PC application is still functional at this time, this application will be sunset and all free Zello users will need to use the free mobile application for either iOS or Android operating systems. For ZelloWork customers who may be using this application, we strongly suggest migrating to Dispatch Hub for the most up to date application and ongoing support. For customers using the free Zello app who would like to use Dispatch Hub, we recommend starting a free trial of ZelloWork to use Dispatch Hub.

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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