"Invalid Network" error on Dispatch Hub

Problem #1: No network 

In order to use Dispatch Hub, you must be part of a Zello Work network with an active subscription. 
If you do not have a Zello Work network, you will not be able to use Dispatch Hub. Click here to sign up for a free 14-day trial of Zello Work. Click here to learn about the difference between Zello Free and Zello Work. 

Problem #2: Incorrect network name

If you are getting an "Invalid Network" error when trying to sign in and you do have an active network, make sure you are entering your network name correctly.

  • For non-admins: Please contact your Zello administrator to ask for the correct network name.
  • For admins: Your network name can be found in the URL you use to sign in to the Management Console. In the following screenshot, for example, that URL would be originalnetwork.zellowork.com.

Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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    fernando yevenes

    no combiene usar el correo gmail para conectarce en el sistema desk ... hay un problema en desk