Using Bluetooth Devices with Zello on Android 12+

As of Zello for Android v.5.5, you will need to enable a new permission called Nearby Devices to grant Zello access to Bluetooth on your Android 12 device. If you are on Android 11 or below, this permission does not exist. When you load Zello for the first time after the app updates to v.5.5, you will be prompted to grant Zello Nearby Device permission: 

If you choose Don’t allow, then you will not be able to use any Bluetooth mics or external buttons with Zello, regardless of if they have been previously mapped to the Zello application.

Note:  If you are on Android 11 or below, this permission does not exist and the Zello for Android v.5.5 update will not affect Bluetooth pairing.

How to enable Nearby Devices permission if it was denied

1. Open the Settings application on your Android device. 

2. Select Apps:

3. Scroll down to Zello:

4. Select Permissions: 

5. Select Nearby Devices

6. Select Allow

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