How to set up Zello Kiosk

The Zello Kiosk feature utilizes our dispatch call feature to allow your customers to request help from a store associate, without having to actually track someone down themselves. This article will walk you through creating a Kiosk user account, creating a dispatch channel to use with the kiosk, and generating a link for the creation of the kiosk screen: 

Prerequisites to use Zello Kiosk

  1. A tablet (or a phone) running Android 8 or newer, along with tablet mounting hardware (iOS functionality may be available in the future). 
  2. A MDM or app that supports locking the tablet to a specific web page in a kiosk mode (an example of a standalone app that can be used is Fully Kiosk Browser & Lockdown).

Setup Instructions 

Part One: Create Kiosk User

1. In order to log in to Zello on the kiosk, the Kiosk will need its own user assigned. Create a new user for the Kiosk. If you have multiple kiosks to set up with Zello, it would be helpful to create usernames that reflect the location of each kiosk. (For full instructions on adding users, refer to this article.)


Part Two: Create Channel for Kiosk 

1. Create a new channel with channel type Dispatch for kiosk communication and name it appropriately to reflect the purpose of the kiosk. For example, "Kiosk - Perfume Counter”.

2. Optionally, assign a profile picture to make it easier to recognize.


3. Add employees who will be receiving requests from the kiosk with Dispatcher role to the channel. 

4. Add the kiosk user account to the channel with no role assigned.


Part Three: Generate Kiosk Link

1. Navigate to the kiosk link generator page at https://<network name> (for example, if network name is mycompany, then the link to use is and configure the following required attributes:

  • Channel name - if the channel name is not provided, it is assumed that it is the same as the username.
  • Username of kiosk user
  • Password of kiosk user 

2. Click Generate link button at the bottom of the page.

3. Click open in new tab to test the kiosk link. Here is an example of what this will look like:

4. Save the link to use in MDM/kiosk app configuration, and close the tab.

5. Following instructions specific to your MDM or Kiosk app, use the link to open the Zello Kiosk page on the tablet that you are using for the kiosk. 

Important: Each instance of the kiosk needs its own separate link. Opening the same link from multiple browsers (including multiple tabs in the same browser) will lead to the kiosk displaying the Out of Order error message. 


Part Four: Use by Store Associates 

Store associates who are responsible for responding to kiosk calls should be equipped with a mobile device running the Zello application. You can see what it looks like for the store associates when they respond to a kiosk request in the following video: 



Additional Options for Setup 

You can customize the kiosk behavior using the following settings:

  • Message repeat interval -- How often the new call message is repeated until the call is accepted. It can be set to intervals between 10 seconds and 2 minutes. Set to "Never" to prevent message from repeating. 
  • Maximum waiting time -- How long the kiosk would wait for the dispatcher to accept the call before returning to the normal state. The time could be set in the range between 1 minute and 2 hours, with default being 15 minutes. 
  • Enable two-way speaking -- When enabled, the dispatcher can initiate two-way conversation by sending a voice message to the customer after accepting their request.

Additionally, all of the text labels listed on the generator page could be edited to localize the kiosk or customize the labels to match specific use cases.


Enterprise Kiosk Setup

Basic kiosk setup is intended as a self-serve product. For enterprise customers, we offer a setup that involves custom branding and custom pre-recorded messages. Please reach out to our Sales organization for inquiries. 


Questions? Contact us or submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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