Which model of Android phone is working well for Zello For Work?

Which model of Android phone is working well for Zello for Work? How is it setup?


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    For those who are reluctant to turn their employees loose with a smartphone I can offer this.  We are using the Sonim XP5700.  It is a squirrelly AT&T branded phone with a proprietary OS phone that is based on Android 4.4.2.  It is sold as a feature phone for the ePTT service.  It is not a touch screen, has no way to download or add applications, and has a dedicated PTT button.  Once I figured out how to turn on developer options I was able to sideload & install Zellowork with a computer.  I also rooted them and removed the AT&T ePTT application.  I have three of these deployed.  They are very rugged, submersible, loud, and have a great battery life.  I don't want to say they are indestructible but its close.  They are cheap on eBay and easy to modify if you have any experience working with android.

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    Alex Morelli

    Hi, tks for suggestion.

    Have you any idea how to find new on alibaba.com?

    I mean, the factory and product name before sonim brand it



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    I have no idea. I bought them on eBay.

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    They are normally on AT&T but I believe Sonim sells them direct

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    Robert Willis

    I also have Sonim XP5700 I'm trying to get to work with ZelloWork.   I downloaded the ZelloWork (Zello.apk 9MB file) program and it will not install indicating "Application couldn't be installed on your phone."   I was able to download the free Zello program (zello-sonim.apk 12MB file) and install it by changing the security setting to "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources".  Do you know where I can locate a version of ZelloWork I can download and use for my Sonim XP 5700 phones? 

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    You have to side load it with adb. You also need to root the phone and delete the AT&T ePTT application. Go to https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/help/sonim-xp6-root-help-t2980340 for some not so clear instructions.

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    Felipe Fernandes

    Did you download the apk available for the Sonim?

    You should not have to root the phone if you have the proper apk: http://www.zello.com/data/android/3.76/zello-sonim.apk.

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    Robert Willis

    I actually realized the version I downloaded worked for both Zello and ZelloWork.  There was a checkbox when setting up the profile to indicate the account as for ZelloWork.  So I'm good to go.  I'm just curious though how long before an update to Zello that might cause our existing phones to be incompatible.  If we can get another year out of these phones before having to replace them that would be ideal for us. 

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    Robert Willis

    The problem with these phones though are the magnetic charging connection.  We have lots of metal dust in our environment and so that makes it hard to properly seat the charging cable.  If there are any other devices that are under $250 that work more like walkie talkie radios that use ZelloWork I would be interested - they would have to charge more like a cordless phone or walkie talkie on a base charger.

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    I made this really long post about how to root it, remove the AT&T ePTT application but it is pending approval.  Apparently that isn't necessary.  I didn't know about the Sonim application.

    Now that I am home and at a computer I have constructed a guide to use the Sonim XP5700 with Zello Work.  You have to root it to remove the ATT ePTT application so Zello can access and use that nice, friendly PTT button on the side of the phone without conflict.

    What is needed:

    The understanding that this is information provided on a public internet forum that is unreliable at best and will likely destroy your phone and make it unusable.  You are on your own and I am in no way responsible for what YOU do to YOUR phone.

    A Windows XP, 7 or 10 computer that you have administrator rights.

    A Sonim XP5700 with a charged battery

    Access to Wi-Fi

    An AT&T mini SIM - doesn't need to work, it just needs to be a genuine AT&T SIM, MVNO SIMs won't cut it.

    A Sonim USB cord - the one with the weird magnetic plug on the phone end.

    Download and install on your computer Kingroot from https://kingroot.net/ .  Your antivirus software will complain about this program & rightly so.  It is designed to exploit a weakness in Android so it is technically a virus.

    Download from https://dl.google.com/android/repository/platform-tools-latest-windows.zip the current set of Android platform tools.  Really all you need is adb and the drivers but there is no reason not to get the whole set.

    Download from your Zello Work account the current Android APK - application.  Save this to your Platform-Tools folder to make it easy to find.

    Download Titanium Backup from https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/titanium-track/titanium-backup/ .  Save this to your Platform-Tools folder to make it easy to find.

    Apparently this link fails so try this:


    Put the AT&T SIM card into the phone and turn it on.  Connect to Wi-Fi.  Go to Settings>About Phone>Updates.  See if there is an update.  You want the most current version so you can edit the home screen shortcuts.  The version you want is dated Aug 25, 2016 and is build number 5A.0.1-09-4.4.2-  If you already have it then there's one step saved.  Otherwise let it update.

    Once you get finished with the update plug your cable into your computer and then the phone and let it install whatever drivers it needs to.  You may need to direct your computer to where you put the platform tools.  On the phone punch in *#*#2387#*#*.  This will open the developer options menu,  Scroll down to USB Debugging and put a check in that checkbox.  Some more drivers will install.  A prompt will come up on your phone asking to give your computer permission to interact with this phone.  Click OK, because of course you want it to. When that is done open up kingroot.  Let it find the Somim XP5700 and then tell it to root it.  This takes as long as 15 minutes.  Once that is completed you will now be able to remove some stuff from your phone and add the Zello work application.

    Continue to have your phone connected your computer.  On your computer navigate to your Platform-Tools folder.  Once there hold the shift button down and right click the mouse.  A menu will open, click on Open Command Prompt Here.  This will open up a DOS prompt in your Platform-Tools folder.  First type in "adb devices".  You will see a dialog about opening a server on some port, this is totally normal for adb.  It should then return the serial number of your phone.  If this doesn't happen then go back to the beginning and start over, you missed a step somewhere.

    If you got the serial number back then you are good to go.  Type in "adb install whateverthenameofthetitaniumbackupyoudownloadedis.apk".  Once it says Success go to your phone and open titanium backup.  Grant it superuser rights.  Two more popups will open, just click through them.  Once you get the list of installed apks scroll down to ATTePTT.  Delete that.  Also delete the two mobilecare apks.  That will keep your Sonim from updating and undoing all this work.

    Once those are deleted go back to your computer and type in "adb install whateverthenameofyourzelloworkis.apk".  This will install the Zello work apk.  Your phone should display something about the hardware PTT button being set. Log in as normal, and you are good to go.

    A Bluetooth mouse makes it much easier to maneuver these menus on the phone.  If anyone is interested I can provide instructions to enable wifi hotspot with no entitlement check.

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